Bye cable, hello glass

Bit the bullet a few months ago and decided to go for a glass fiber connection. So after 25 years of cable internet from Casema/Ziggo we’re now hooked up to the optic fiber universe. Let’s see if it turned out to be the right decision.

Last year our whole region got a glass fiber network and getting your household hooked up was free of charge initially. But that changed now and just before getting charged for a connection I applied to get it done. Also the new provider has cheaper subscriptions, multiple TV channels with Ziggo were not working properly and with a glass fiber connection we will be ready for the future. I did look up to it though because for getting connected some work had to be done in our front yard. And even though it turned out ok-ish in the end I wasn’t really happy with the unannounced ventures in our front yard. Quite a part of the garden had to be opened up twice and everything isn’t really put back the way it was. Definitely no gardeners but that’s completely understandable.

Today the last things were taken care of, the media converter has been installed together with the router of the provider. The employee of the provider made sure everything worked properly and was done in less than an hour. After he left I only had to pull the network cable of my home network out the new router, stick it in the media converter, configure IPTV for VLAN 300 and tada, working internet with my own router setup (two Asus RT-AC68U’s in an AiMesh configuration). Took out the new router of the meter cupboard and loaded my stash of beer back in.

And is it faster? Partially. I already had a 1Gbit/s connection with Ziggo, but that was an asynchronous connection so upload is way faster now, about 8 times. Other pro is that the media converter is way smaller and probably draws less power. Other than that nothing really changed after the media converter which I like, fortunately there was no need to overhaul my whole home setup.

Bye cable, hello glass

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  1. Gijs Molenaar says:

    ik ben oude foto’s van mn moeder aan het inscannen, en blijf je kop tegen komen. als je een bericht stuurt stuur ik ze op.

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