LAC2013: Your submission has been accepted!

Twee mailtjes in mijn inbox vanochtend. Allebei mijn submissions voor LAC2013 zijn geaccepteerd! Dus op LAC2013 ga ik een workshop doen over je electrische gitaar gebruiken met Linux audio tools en ik ga een optreden doen op de Linux Sound Night.

Ben blij dat m’n submissions zijn geaccepteerd, heb alles al geboekt en zou zonde zijn als ik niks had kunnen doen. Die kans was er want kennelijk waren er best veel aanmeldingen.

Submission #34: Using your electric guitar with Linux

Almost 20 years of experience with playing guitar and over 10 years of Linux experience, one day that just had to come together. With the advent of guitarix, a virtual guitar amplifier for Linux, this became reality and coupled with the modularity of the Linux audio ecosystem a whole plethora of possibilities became accessible. In this workshop I will show the current possibilities for a guitarist with Linux audio in a hands-on, live setting.

Submission #35: The Infinite Repeat

A musician with over 20 years of experience and a computer with Linux. That’s what it boils down to. The result: conventional, decent song-writing, different sounding because of the choice to not walk the threaded paths and because of an autodidactic background, an outspoken personal taste and a open-minded worldview.

LAC2013: Your submission has been accepted!

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