Ardour with video and LV2 MIDI plugins chaining support

Got so absorbed hacking my UG802 that I completely missed this:

So not only can you add video to your Ardour project but now it’s also possible to chain multiple LV2 plugins that accept MIDI. The video support is the great work of Robin Gareus and it was actually a presentation on this functionality that got me acquainted with the Linux Audio meetings at the HKU almost 3 years ago. So yes, he’s been working on it quite a while so I assume it works well.

I have actually never worked with Ardour, I’ve always used Qtractor. But maybe it’s getting time to check out Ardour too, especially now that the MIDI part is stabilizing.

Ardour with video and LV2 MIDI plugins chaining support

2 thoughts on “Ardour with video and LV2 MIDI plugins chaining support

  1. rncbc says:


    qtractor has this midi plugin chaining capability for ages; you can even chain lv2 and vst midi_fx plugins and even something seldom known: to have more than one midi instrument plugin (lv2, vst or dssi) plugin in a midi track or bus chain

    –rncbc 😉

  2. Hi Rui, already thought so but actually never got to it playing around with that functionality. Also the number of MIDI only plugins wasn’t that big but now with Robin’s LV2 MIDI plugin bundle that has changed for the better.

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