As of 2013-09-30 I will be unemployed. Can’t tell any details here but I’m already very busy looking for new job opportunities, applying for jobs and doing job interviews. If all goes well I can start right away at a new employer. I even had to take my CV offline because I risked getting too many offers.

I’ve also accepted an offer to do some Linux audio consultancy work. Just received my contract and I’m stoked about it. And no, can’t share any details on that either. When it comes to details this is a lousy blogpost, leaving you a bit in the dark, sorry about that. But as soon as I can tell more I’ll do so. For the moment I think it’s ok to say that I’ll be doing consultancy work for a project to create an instrument based on an ARM device. It’s a bit of a dream come true, doing paid Linux audio R&D. So back to work, I also have to set up a website for my consultancy activities. And get everything ready for the first workshop at De Bakkerij.


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