Jack2 on Android

This mail just popped up on jack-devel:

Hello, I have news of JACK2 in android world!

Recently, Samsung released professional audio sdk on android platform which based on JACK2. It is a part of latest Samsung Mobile SDK: http://developer.samsung.com/samsung-mobile-sdk#professional-audio

Source code of JACK2 was retrieved from Samsung’s Open Source Release Center(OSRC) at http://opensource.samsung.com/. You can find current repository & more information at below link: https://github.com/KimJeongYeon/jack2_android

Additionally, SAMSUNG DEVELOPER CONFERENCE(October 28-29, 2013) will be held in San Francisco that one of sessions prepared to introduced professional audio on Samsung’s android mobile products: http://www.samsungdevcon.com/
Session : “Leveraging the Latest Features in Professional Audio Framework in Your App”


Message says it all I guess. Apparently Samsung has developed a way to do pro audio on Android based on JACK Audio Connection Kit! Can’t wait to get my hands on this, stoked.

Jack2 on Android

2 thoughts on “Jack2 on Android

  1. Edward Diehl says:

    You might want to try the Salamander with the samples converted to flac (supportedy by Linuxsampler since early 2013). The samples will be about 40% the size of wav samples, and hence reduce demand on disk I/O. However, flac samples will have to be converted back to wav (I suppose) to play in linuxsampler, requiring some CPU. For a regular PC I think flac samples are superior – the reduced I/O requirements allow for fast loading of instruments and no detectable effect on playability. Of course, using 16 bit samples should be faster than 24 bit and also help improve the polyphony.

  2. Hello Edward, thanks for the tip, I didn’t think about converting the samples to FLAC. I’ll give it a spin but doesn’t that also require changing the sample mappings?

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