And what about Linux audio?

Yeah, what about it? Well, not much really. I have acquired the domain name since that is more practical when it comes to DNS changes as I am one of the root admins of the servers. When it comes to making music I’m still exclusively using Linux but I’ve shifted to a monolithic approach. I bought a Mixbus32C license a couple of years ago, clicked on ALSA as Audio System and never looked back.

My interest also shifted to the analog domain. Having a busy job in the digital domain I found myself more and more avoiding computers outside of work. In the same time I got more involved in making music and I’ve also dived into the world of analog electronics. I’ve always wanted to know how guitar effects and tube amplifiers work so I just started building effects a few years ago and by now I can also bias my own amps and do simple mods. I’m also learning how to get the most out of my guitars when it comes to intonation, action, pickup height and electronics, that kind of stuff. It’s very gratifying to be able to do those kind of things yourself, to pick up a guitar you’ve serviced yourself and that it plays and sounds like a dream.

So next up is building my own amp, got all the parts and I have two weeks off around Christmas so hopefully I can start the new year with a screaming solo from my own amp. Building my own guitar would be awesome too. A complete DIY setup, I’d love that.

And what about Linux audio?

3 thoughts on “And what about Linux audio?

  1. Does this mean you have got rid of the pictures of random rooms that have been on the planet forever? That would be nice.

    I’m still recording with Linux using Ubuntu Studio and Ardour. Finally trying to do my first album of original songs.

    1. jeremy says:

      Hello Steve, not sure what you mean with pictures of random rooms that have been on the planet forever. Are you referring to If there’s anything I can improve with regard to then let me know!

  2. Oiva says:

    I am desperately trying to find a ppa or site where I can install or download JACK (QJackctl ?) to use it with a software synth (setBfree). Pi OS with desktop installed.

    Help me!

    Oiva from Finland

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