New modem

A while ago I received a new modem from Ziggo since they’re switching to DOCSIS 3.1. Didn’t have the time to replace the old Ubee UVW3200 modem but this morning I was forced to do so because the lease had expired and Ziggo had decided to give me a new WAN IP address in a network segment with no internet.

After replacing the Ubee with the Sagemcom F3896LG-ZG I had no internet though. I did have a green LED lighting up our meter cupboard and apparently that indicated the modem was in bridge mode. The Ubee was also working in bridge mode so that could very well be possible. Quick search revealed I had to call Ziggo, have them disable bridge mode and then I could put it in bridge mode myself again. So I called, Ziggo disabled bridge mode and a few minutes later I still had nothing. No option to enable bridge mode. So I called again. Apparently in some regions the bridge mode option doesn’t show up so Ziggo enabled bridge mode again. Green LED reappeared after a while and tada, my router received a fresh new WAN IP address and there was internet again.

So if you run into similar issues when replacing your Ubee that was put in bridge mode by Ziggo with the new Sagemcom modem, call them. Modem works good now, it does use a bit more power (36W vs 24W for the Ubee) but a bonus is that you still have remote access to the modem which was not possible with the Ubee. And like the Ubee everything else but the modem functionality is disabled so it probably needs less than 36W at the moment. I’ll hook it up to a power monitoring smart plug to find out.

New modem

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