No more Mister Nice Guy

Onder Linux gebruikers toestemming geven om processen te ‘renicen‘ wordt her en der aangeraden als je real-time met muziek wilt werken. Dit zou je in kunnen stellen door het volgende regeltje toe te voegen aan je /etc/security/limits.conf bestand:

@audio - nice -10

Paul Davis, één van de belangrijkste ontwikkelaars van JACK, zegt het volgende over het ‘renicen’ met betrekking tot Linux audio:

It’s a mistake that has been propagated around the net for a few years.
It has absolutely nothing useful to do with realtime, low latency
audio and should not be used by apps or system configuration for this
purpose. It’s very unfortunate that this myth took hold.

Not pick on you Jeremy, just wanting to make it more likely that
people find this via Google: …. no! renice has NEVER been the right
way to make audio work. The fact that it happens, in a few cases, to
have some beneficial impact has apparently misled some people who
don’t understand how this all works. nice and renice have absolutely
nothing to do with making sure that audio plays correctly. The
capability that they represent should not be used for this purpose,
and people who spread around patches to limits.conf that include it
are simply confusing people with an error.

Duidelijke woorden. Weg met die nice regel dus en alleen rtprio gebruiken.

No more Mister Nice Guy

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