LAC2014: submission accepted!

My submission for the Linux Sound Night at LAC2014 with The Infinite Repeat has been accepted. The Call for Papers page mentions the term “danceable” so I’m going to focus on that. Making danceable music is quite a challenge for me but it should definitely be doable to produce a solid set, especially now that I’m the proud owner of a Korg Volca Keys. I’m definitely going to integrate it in my current setup as the Volca reacts great on MIDI sent from my workstation. It has some fat sounds that just scream dance floor.

Korga Volca Keys

I’m really looking forward to this year’s LAC. It seems falkTX and avlinux are going too, it’d be great to meet these guys in real life!

LAC2014: submission accepted!

Carla on the Raspberry Pi

Last week I managed to get Carla running on my RPi. Carla is a really nice plugin host that supports the most important plugin frameworks available for Linux (LV2, DSSI, LADSPA and VST) with some awesome extra features like a built-in ZynAddSubFX synth and support for SF2, SFZ and GIG files. The latter didn’t work until yesterday but I managed to compile LinuxSampler (which is needed by Carla in order to be able to load SFZ and GIG files) for the RPi with the help of Paul Brossier aka piem from the Aubio project.

I just wrote him a mail:

Hello Paul,

I’m trying to package LinuxSampler for Raspberry Pi but I’m running into an issue when compiling which fails with a message related to RTMath.h. After some googling I ended up here:
So I started scouring the interwebs and found this:
Where there is a reference to a possible fix. But the diff.gz that contains the patch is untraceable. I know this announcement is almost 8 years old but do you think you still have the diff or maybe an idea what changes you made to the code?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work with Aubio!

Best regards,

Jeremy Jongepier

And guess what, he replied almost instantly! He gave me some pointers where to add some extra code and even though I’m not a coder I started trying things out. But then I stumbled upon actual patches to resolve this issue. I needed both the ARM and atomic patch and after applying those LinuxSampler compiled flawlessly in my Raspbian ARM chroot. The few lines of code I cooked up myself were almost identical so I got quite far actually. I should really pick up learning how to code, I think I’d learn fast.

So after compiling LinuxSampler I could rebuild Carla against the freshly created LinuxSampler libs. Installed the deb on my RPi and loaded some SFZ’s. It all worked like a charm. Carla is like a Swiss Army Knife, I’m really starting to appreciate this piece of software. Kudos to falkTX! And thanks to Paul Brossier for responding so quickly and helping me to get on the right track.

text-align: center;

Carla running on the Raspberry Pi

Carla on the Raspberry Pi

Nog meer LV2!

Het Portal MOD project is bezig een aantal LADSPA plug-ins om te zetten naar LV2, waaronder CAPS, TAP, SooperLooper en guitarix. En voor zo ver ik begrepen heb werken ze ook aan een van rakarrack afgeleide LV2 plug-in.

CAPS is al omgezet naar LV2 en heb source pakket klaar om up te loaden naar de KXStudio-Team plugins repository. Maar wacht nog even de puntjes op de i af.

Ondertussen is een van de main devs van guitarix ook met LV2 aan het experimenteren.  Hij zit alleen nog te dubben of hij heel guitarix in één plug-in gaat stoppen of dat hij alle losse componenten van guitarix om gaat zetten naar LV2.

guitarix amp head als LV2 plug-in

Voeg daar nog aan toe dat degene achter LV2, David Robillard (aka drobilla), er aan zit te denken om een boek te schrijven over LV2 en je begrijpt wel dat LV2 op het moment best wel een hot item is. Gaat het ooit gebeuren dat er een open source, cross-platform plug-in framework VST naar de kroon gaat steken? De LAD community is er klaar voor, de wrapper tools staan in de steigers (DISTRHO) en met NASPRO is het al mogelijk om eigenlijk alles als LV2 te draaien.

Nog meer LV2!